Alpaka SMS has default keywords to either opt-out or opt-in to communication from you.

STOP, END, QUIT, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE & UNSUB will all unsubscribe your contact.

START, YES, RESUME & UNSTOP will all re-subscribe your contact.

All of these keywords are required to prevent contacts being spammed.

Use of Keywords

Keywords can be used as a call to action or to trigger a workflow for team members to be notified if a keyword has been used in response.

Hover over SMS in the navigation and select KEYWORDS.

To add a new keyword click '+ Add Keyword'.

Give the keyword a name and click Submit to save.


A workflow can be triggered once a contact or team member sends a text message to your virtual number containing a keyword.

In the MORE menu > Workflow

Add a new workflow by clicking '+ Add Woorkflow'.

Choose a Request SMS template from the dropdown. (If there are no templates there, please see the SMS Templates lesson by clicking here).

Choose a Team Member(s) that should be attached to this workflow.

Create a new keyword, in this example we have created a keyword named CALLBACK.

When sending a message to a contact e.g. "Reply with CALLBACK to hear more"

The team member(s) will receive a populated text message, in this example, the Callback Request template.

Within the SMS inbox, you can search by number, filter the to & from received dates and keyword used.

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