Variables can be used to personalise your text messages and/or automatically populate information into an SMS such as the name of a person, event name, appointment time and date which you have added to your schedule.

When in the 'Send SMS' window, click on the #{{-}} icon to reveal the available variables. When clicking on a variable, it will copy it to your clipboard, then paste it into message area.

Available variables and an explanation of their use:

#{{to-first-name}} - First name of message recepient.

#{{to-last-name}} - Last name of message recepient.

#{{from-first-name}} - First name of message sender.

#{{from-last-name}} - Last name of message sender.

#{{event-start-date}} - Start date of scheduled event.

#{{event-start-time}} - Start time of scheduled event.

#{{event-end-date}} - End date of scheduled event.

#{{event-end-time}} - End time of scheduled event.

#{{event-am-pm}} - Event am/pm.

#{{event-day-of-week}} - Event day of week e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

#{{event-day-of-week-short}} - Event day of week shortened e.g. Mon, Tue, Wed.

#{{event-day}} - Day of event e.g. 1, 5, 28, 31.

#{{event-ordinal-suffix}} - Ordinal suffix of event e.g. st, nd, rd, th.

#{{event-month}} - Month of event.

#{{event-month-short}} - Month of event shortened e.g. Jan, Feb, Mar.

#{{event-year}} - Year of event.

#{{event-name}} - Name of event.

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