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Alpaka Punch
Client billing timer
Client billing timer

The Alpaka Punch app is available for iOS and Android and lets you track time quickly and conveniently. Alpaka Punch synchronises with your online timer so you can work easily between the two, giving you complete control and visibility over the time you spend on tasks.

Download it for free by clicking on the links below:

App Store
Play Store

Once opened, enter your Alpaka login details. The Tenant being the first part of your Alpaka web address wich can also be found in your original Punch sign up email.

Once logged in there are 3 main tabs. Swipe left and right to access them.

The details tab.

The timer tab.

Swipe up once to reveal the details tray.

Swipe up again to reveal more details

Tap the description to enter a description e.g. the name of the task you are doing.

Tap on Client to reveal your client list. If you do not have any clients, click here for the Punch Desktop App lesson.

Tap on Project to select a project this timing is for. If you do not have any Projects, click here for the Punch Desktop App lesson.

Tap on Padding to select a time to round to. You can select to round down, to the nearest or up.

Swipe down to reveal the punch timer and tap the play button to start the timer.

To pause the timer tap on the pause button.

Swipe up to reveal the settings tray. Change any details of the Punch if you wish.

Tap on the blue disk icon to save your Punch or the red bin/trash icon to delete the Punch.

The 3rd tab lists all of your saved timings. Swipe left on a timing to edit or remove a Punch timing.

Within your desktop Alpaka, click on PUNCH in the navigation to list all of your Punch timings.

Click on the icon next to the Punch name to edit any details of the Punch timing.

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