A reading has been received but not yet paired. You do not need to do anything yet.


It is unlikely you will see an actioned status. It is the time between Alpaka connecting a pair of readings and deciding what the payable time in between them is.


A pair of readings where the time in between is too short, or began too late. The tolerance is 15 minutes. The best way to avoid issues is to be on time and stay at work until it is time to leave. Obvious really.


A pair of readings that satisfy arrival time and duration when compared to your calendar, your contract hours or a previously accepted presence reading.


A reading that failed to be paired before another good pair came along. It is likely your manager might delete this reading or edit it to add whatever is missing.


This is a pair of readings that look like you were at work too long. Alpaka uses the review status to highlight your excellence and dedication so your manager can decide whether you were working overtime.

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