The status filter contains the following statuses:

All - Will show you all items in the list regardless of their status.

Complete - Where two separate presence readings have been paired either automatically by Alpaka or manually by an editor. Only completed readings can be used in timesheets.

Rejected - If a PIN or QR code has not been identified, Alpaka will reject the reading. If a team member says they used Presence but you can't find the reading it is likely they mis-keyed their PIN. Or they are lying.   

Pending - If a reading has not yet been examined and edited by automation it will have a pending status.

Actioned - If a reading has been processed and paired with automation but the secondary comparison to the schedule or contract hours has not yet been made. Give it a minute.

Issue - Alpaka will compare presence readings with a team members' schedule or contract hours to determine whether readings indicate they were on time and at work for the expected duration Readings with an issue status are when automation has determined human attention is necessary.

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