If you are unsure what are Vehicles, this is covered in the 'Vehicles & Rooms' section of the help centre by clicking/tapping here.

Vehicles can be added/associated to a Person by simply entering in the Registration number, Make of vehicle, Model of vehicle and Colour of the vehicle by clicking + to add the vehicle to the user. Multiple vehicles can be added to any one user. This Vehicle is a private vehicle that is only associated with the Person and will be found in your VEHICLES list by filtering the 'Owner' as 'Private'. You can find out more about adding and editing vehicles in this section of lessons here.

You can pin the Person's default location to a map using the maps feature within the users details. Simply zoom in or out of the map by clicking - and +, click and hold on the map to shift it, and click and hold on the pin to drag and drop it onto your desired location.

It may be necessary to make a Person inactive so that they cannot log into Alpaka. Within the Person's details page > User - Active/Inactive and click Submit. You cannot delete People from Alpaka due to historical data associated with the Person. However, you will not be billed for inactive People.

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