There are certain roles that you may, or may not want your People to see or do. As an Alpaka manager/owner, you can control what People can see and do. After creating a new user, or if they are an existing user, click on the pencil icon next to the Person's name in the list to edit their details.

At the bottom of the a Team Members details page you will find the permissions pane. Here you can edit their permissions to what you wish for the user to view, edit, add etc.

(Please scroll down the below screen shot as there are a lot of permissions you can edit!)

At the bottom of the user permissions you will see the TEST and SUBMIT buttons. Click on SUBMIT to save the changes. By clicking on TEST, you can impersonate what the user can do and see within Alpaka.

Once you are happy with what the user can/cannot see and do within Alpaka, click EXIT in the top right of the navigation to return to your own Alpaka view.


If a Team Member is marked as a 'Super User', this will enable all permissions for them within Alpaka.

A Ghost user is a physical user but it does not appear within Alpaka such as in the Activity or Schedule.

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