Each user has 1Gb of cloud storage.

Hover over ME in the navigation and select MY FILES.

My Files is a place to store your documents and where you can share them with other People.

Click to upload (click here for a lesson on how to upload a file) a file and you can create folders to keep all of your documents in a tidy and easier to find if you have lots of documents.

By clicking on the icon to the left of the file name will open the file properties.

Within the file properties you can change the name, add notes, download or upload a replacement file, share the file with users (click here for a lesson on sharing files with People), add tags to the file (click here for a lesson on tags) and you can remove the file.

In the file list you can filter which feature the files are associated with: Files, Users, Vehicles, Rooms and Projects.

Here you can click through to your default emails. By clicking on the icon next to the file name will take you to the email properties.

Here you can change the properties of the email. Click here for a lesson on email properties.

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