Hover over ME in the navigation then click on MY EXPENSES.

To add an expense claim, click on '+ Add Expenses' or to edit an existing expense claim.

To change the title of the expense claim, click on 'Edit Title' (located at the top right of the page), change the title and click on 'Edit Title' again to save.

When adding an item to an expense claim, pick the Date, Description of the expense, Quantity, Unit cost, choose the relevant tax Rate and wether is is a Personal or Company expense. Click on the + icon to add the item to your expense claim.

To add any documents to items in the claim such as a receipt, click on the purple upload icon.

To edit an existing item in the claim click on the blue pencil icon

If there is not an Expense category in the 'Account' drop down (see above screen shot), hover over EXPENSES in the navigation and click on EXPENSE CATEGORIES.

To add an expense category click on '+ Add Expense Category'.

To edit an expense category click on the pencil icon next to the category title in the list.

When adding/editing an expense category, add a Code, a Name, any additional notes, a colour and wether it is the default category in the list.


Here is the list of UK expense codes:

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