When events are added in your Google calendar or the Alpaka Schedule, the events will appear in both.

To sync your Google calendar to Alpaka:


Within the 'Schedule Sync' pane click 'Sync Google'

You will need to be logged into your Google account to allow authorisation. Once logged into your Google account, click 'Allow'.

Once allowed you will be re-directed to the MY DETAILS page automatically.

Select the username you wish to synchronise with your Google calendar.

Click 'Submit' to synchronise your calendars.

Within your Google calendar, if you add an event, edit the event.

Select the time range from and to then click 'Save'.

The event will be saved to your Google calendar.

The event will be added to your Alpaka calendar.

If you add an event to your Alpaka Schedule, it will now appear in your Google calendar.

The Google calendar synchronisation happens every 10 minutes. To speed up the sync process, click the 'Calendar Sync' button for events to be added from your Google calendar to your Alpaka Schedule.

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