Cloning a users core hours is a speedy way if multiple users do the same core hours.

In this example we will be adding core hours to multiple users in a Department (click here for how to add a Department and here for how to add a Department to a User).

User Peter Parker-Bowles works in the 'Technical' department.

User Phil Leach also works in the 'Technical' department.

Phil Leach's core hours are 9:30 - 17:30 Monday - Friday. We want to clone Phil Leach's core hours to all people in the 'Technical' Department. Click on the clone button in the top right of the users Core Hours.

Peter Parker-Bowles Core Hours are currently blank.

When clicking on the Clone button in User Phil Leach's Core Hours you are presented with a pop up window to filter where the Core Hours should be applied to.


In this example I have chosen to filter to the 'Technical' Department only.

Now all users that are in the 'Technical' department will have those Core Hours copied over to them. Here is how Peter Parker-Bowl's Core Hours now look like.

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