To sync Alpaka with your native Apple iCalendar app:


Within the 'Schedule Sync' pane 'Apple iCal Subscription', copy the website address.

Open your desktop iCal calendar > File Menu > New Calendar Subscription...

Paste your Alpaka 'Schedule Sync' URL into the Calendar URL dialogue box then click 'Subscribe'.

Your subscription will appear in the list of calendars on the left. Hold down the ctrl button and click on it. A sub menu will appear. Click on 'Get Info'.

Give your calendar subscription a Name, Colour, Location, wether you want to be notified by Alerts from your iCalendar etc and set your 'Auto-refresh' frequency. In this example I have set mine to 'Every 5 minutes'.

Within Alpaka, add a new event giving it a title, any notes and the date and time range. *Please note that the Alpaka colour entry for this event will not affect or change the colour in your iCal calendar app.

Any new events added for the Person in Alpaka will be added automatically into your iCal calendar client. *Please note, previous events added will NOT appear in your iCal calendar app.

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