Hover over ME on the navigation and select MY TIMESHEETS.

To add a new timesheet select the date when the timesheet begins and click '+ Add Timesheet'.

To edit an existing timesheet, find the timesheet in the list you wish to edit and click on the clock icon to view the edit page.

To add something manually to a timesheet, within the green bar, select a date, a start and end time, the activity, any additional notes then click on the green + icon to add it to your timesheet.

If you wish to edit an item in your timesheet, click on the blue pencil icon to the right of the item and to remove an item from your timesheet, click on the red X icon.

To add events from your schedule to your timesheet, click on the 'Schedule' icon.

To add your Core Hours and Schedule Events to your Timesheet click on '+ Add all core hours' & 'Add all events'. You can also add events individually to your Timesheet by clicking on the + icon on each event.

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