When you log into Alpaka, you are presented with the Dashboard. The Dashboard is an overview of YOUR activity within Alpaka and not other users.

To view the dashboard, click on ME in the navigation.

Here you can quick create Blocks (events in the Schedule), view a brief report of your Blocks, the status of confirmed Blocks, wether you have any Block approvals you need to action, your timesheets, your expense claims, what events/blocks are happening for you today and tomorrow and what events/blocks are happening in the current week and next.

Each pane in the Dashboard view can be coloured for your own visual reference, moved around the page by selecting the top of the pane then dragging and dropping it to where you wish for it to be located on the page. The panes can be closed by selecting the X but if you wish to restore the Dashboard to its default, click on 'Reset Dashboard'.

When hovering over ME in the navigation a drop down will appear. Within the drop down is everything about YOU. This is covered in the following lessons by clicking here.

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