We hope by now you have added some Clients and Projects, if not click here for the initial Punch Desktop lesson.

Adding Team Members is a great way to collaborate on projects and scheduling events for one another.

Click on TEAM in the navigation to list your users then click on '+ Add Team Members'

Enter any information about the team member such as their name, email address, telephone number, job title etc then click submit.

An email will then be sent to that person with a link to set their own password.


Rather than adding Team Members individually (you may not have all of their information other than their email address) you can invite multiple people at once.

Click on '+ Invite Team Members'

Enter the persons email address (mandatory) and their first and last names (optional) then click '+Add another.

You can invite up to 10 people at once with this method.

To add more than 10 at once click on '+ Add many at once'.

Enter the email addresses separated with a comma. Once you have entered in all of the email addresses, click 'Send invites'.

Once the invites have been sent, you will receive a response notification. If you do not receive response notifications you can try again or ask your team members to check their spam filter and whitelist our email address.

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